Attention Executive Coaches and Consultants

“Your articles are great. I used to write my own articles, now I’m using your content for both my newsletters. It saves me a boat load of time and I can’t craft anywhere close to your work.” Joseph “JB” Hunt, J.B. Hunt Executive Search, Inc.
How can we help save you time with your content marketing?

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How It Works

If you’ve ever run out of time to do a newsletter… …or struggled with writing or been confused by online marketing…or neglected your blog… If you’ve ever longed for a reliable, affordable way to attract ideal clients, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Outsource! Let us save you time and money when you subscribe to get our quality articles.

We’re a writing service specializing in Ph.D.-quality content for the executive coach and consultant. All our articles are based on research found in leading business books and Harvard Business Review.

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Here’s What Some of Our Clients Say:

“I have been subscribing to your newsletter service for over seven years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the great topics and excellent content. You are always extremely responsive to my requests and very professional.” – Dr. Maynard Brusman WorkingResources.com
“I just received a call from the CEO of [Big Global Corporation] training facility in Miami and he’d received my newsletter. After a short conversation, he now wants me to run their manager retreat this spring. He heard I had worked with a couple of their executives a few years ago but didn’t put two and two together until he saw my newsletter last week. He thought the Ethical Slips topic was incredibly relevant. Thank you for being YOU and thank you for all you do for me and my business!” – Nancy Proffitt, MBA ProffittManagement.com
“Today, thanks to you, we’re e-mailing two newsletters per month to over 6000 readers! And because people like the newsletter and tell others about it, the list is rapidly growing. Not long ago I received a call from the president of a company who wanted to talk about my coaching services. When I asked him how he got my name, he replied, “I’ve been reading your newsletter for the past six months. In every issue, you describe our problems so well that I’d swear you’ve been following me around. We know you understand us, so we want to talk to you about helping us.”

“…that’s a tribute to your knowledge and skills. You pick timely subjects and express them in a manner that helps people do their jobs better. Readers see my newsletter as a valuable service, not as an advertisement.” – David Herdlinger, KashboxCoaching.com
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Got Questions?

We admit there’s almost too much information to read through here!
If you’re in a hurry, impatient, or just one of those people who prefers real human contact, here’s how to get your questions answered!
Just ask us what you need to know.
How to contact us:

If you’re in fields other than coaching, we probably won’t be able to provide content for you. But we can help with your content marketing strategies, particularly where it comes to e-newsletters and business blogging.
We are content marketing specialists who can help you use intelligent content marketing to:

  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Build relationships
  • Get known as a thought leader in your field
  • Persuade readers to become clients

We know a lot about using the Internet to get found and get clients. If we can’t help you, we know the best people to refer you to.
It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, but if you’re an independent provider of services, we can help you cut short the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes when it comes to newsletters, business blogs, and online marketing tactics.
That said, you should know that:

  • We are not web designers.
  • We are not graphic designers.
  • We are not Search Engine Optimization experts.
  • We are not techie-geeky types who do coding or programming.
  • Our team includes a doctor of psychology and a former business executive. We know persuasion and the power of interpersonal skills.
  • We have journalists and writers on our team. We know content marketing.
  • We have over 15 years experience making money online.

We know what works. We know the mistakes people make when it comes to content marketing on the Web … (either we or our clients have made many of them!)
Contact us:

Send us an email and tell us what you need. Call (858-224-5886) and leave a message. We will call you back.
Content marketing matters. Let us show you how.