3 Ways to Generate Self-Motivation

Self-MotivationWhether you’re the boss or working for one, the ability to self-motivate and be highly productive is increasingly important. In today’s competitive job market, you can’t expect to collect a paycheck for just showing up on time.

In the 1980s, at least 90% of people worked for someone else. That’s changed; about one-third of people in U.S. work for themselves, either fully self-employed or as part-time freelancers, and it is projected that with the next four years that will increase to 40%.

Regardless of employment status, successful people take the initiative, do whatever it takes, and go beyond minimal work requirements. They are self-motivated and able to find unique sources of energy that drive them to high performance.

How can you generate self-motivation and energy on those days when you feel tired, overwhelmed, or perhaps even bored? How do you tap into your determination and drive?

This article explores motivation and self-motivation, and offers 3 steps to boost your own self-motivation that leads to high performance.

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Isn’t all motivation self-motivation?
    • Motivation
    • Self-motivation
  • 3-Steps to self-motivation
    • Autonomy
    • Why?
    • Establish choice and act


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