4 Uncommon Leadership Qualities & 5 Common Myths

4 Uncommon Leadership Qualities & 5 Common Myths

Everyone agrees great leaders have vision, energy, authority and good strategic direction. Leaders must also have enthusiastic followers; leadership requires skills in persuading others to commit to company goals and embrace initiatives determined by others.

In today’s environment of Gen-Xers and Millennial workers, it isn’t that easy to engage “empowered” people.

For all the leadership training workshops—and despite the thousands of business books published every year—very few people can confidently explain how they take charge, engage others and develop their leadership skills.

To be inspirational, leaders need four essential qualities besides vision and energy. These traits are probably not what you’d expect, but they can be honed by those willing to dig deeply to find their inner values.

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Reveal Your Weaknesses
Refine Your Sensors
Practice Tough Empathy
Dare to Be Different
Leadership in Action
Five Popular Myths About Leadership

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Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D.

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