4 Paths to Less Business Stress

Work is a common source of unhappiness and stress. Studies have concluded that the number of burned-out, stressed-out or chronically stressed individuals is between one-fourth and one-third of the work force.

Leaders and workers must be fully present and engaged at work, in a state of health and well-being. Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than any other factor in people’s lives, even financial or family troubles.

While they may fail to realize the health implications, people at work are acutely aware of stress. A Northwestern National Life survey shows 40 percent of workers report their jobs are very or extremely stressful, and 25 percent of employees view their jobs as the top stressor in their lives.

Stress depletes our physical, emotional and mental resources, which ultimately reduces companies’ productivity and profits.

There are four paths to counteracting stress and disease at work: two personal and two organizational.


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The complete 2,000 word article includes these important concepts:

  • Causes of Stress
  • Hierarchy and Control
  • The Costs of Stress
  • “You Can Do It” Attitude
  • Saving Ourselves from Stress
  • Step One: Personal Mastery of Stress
  • Step Two: Programs to Bolster Health and Well-Being
  • Step Three: Improving Resilience
  • Step Four: Improving Corporate Culture
  • Leaders First
  • The Healthy Road Ahead

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