8 Strategies For Success: Build A Better Brain

You can build a better brain at any age. With the advent of fMRI brain scanning techniques, we now know that brains are continually learning and growing new neurons.

Because of centuries of ignorance, however, many people view our brains as a mysterious structure incapable of change. We’ve been told that our IQ’s are fixed, or that “we’re too old to learn new tricks.”

Our brains are subject to change no matter what we do. What sets successful people apart from those who are less so is the desire to take charge of the brain’s continual learning process.

In their book The Winner’s Brain, authors Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske write about strategies great minds use to achieve success. Contrary to popular belief, high achievement has very little to do with IQ, your financial resources, knowing the right people or even luck.

Resilience and motivation are two critical abilities that highly successful people strengthen through repeated practice. The brains of successful people “light up” differently and work more efficiently than others because they’ve developed resilience and their ability to tap into motivation.

This article presents four strengths of what can be called “winners’ brains,” and eight strategies for improving your brain for success in work and life.

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