A Dashboard for Managing Complexity

Leading people and organizations is fundamentally more complicated than it was 20 years ago—and it’s not getting any easier. Economic and global uncertainties, along with innovative technologies, complicate efforts to run a business.

Businesses are also becoming more intrinsically complex. It’s harder to predict outcomes because intricate systems interact in unexpected ways.

Interpreting data also proves more challenging because:

  1. The degree of complexity may lie beyond our cognitive limits.
  2. Past behavior may not predict future actions.
  3. In a complex system, an outlier may have a disproportionate impact.

Staying on track is much easier with a guide or checklist. Michael Useem, a professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of  The Leadership Moment, has published The Leader’s Checklist to create a clear roadmap for navigating any situation. Key questions help customize the list to fit specific needs.

This article summarizes the leader’s checklist for clarity for managing complex organizations.

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The complete 1800-word article includes these important concepts:

  • Complicated Versus Complex
  • Managerial Blindness
  • Real Cooperation
  • 12 Leader Checkpoints


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