Are You Ready for the Future?

Is your organization looking forward, or is it focused on the problems of the
present and immediate short-term competition?

Will your organization create new rules of competition in the future? Is it
imagining new ways of doing business, building new capabilities, and setting new
standards of customer satisfaction? Is it alert to possible risks from
unconventional rivals, new business models, changing demographics, and global
opportunities and uncertainties?

It is no longer a question of being able to operate lean and mean. Trimming jobs
and cutting costs, while important tasks, will not put you and your company into
a front running position for industry leadership of the future.

Looking at the Wrong Things

According to Hamel and Prahalad, “Any company that succeeds at restructuring and
reengineering, but fails to create the markets of the future, will find itself
on a treadmill, trying to keep one step ahead of the steadily declining margins
and profits of yesterday’s business.”

Keys to Creating Success for the Future

Value-building companies that find creative ways to address broad social
concerns and who cooperate with interest groups may be better positioned for
future success than those with a single-minded pursuit of the bottom line.

Focusing time and energy to creatively evaluate potential risks and
opportunities is the key to creating and maintaining a successful future for
your organization.

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Why Leaders Don’t Look Ahead
Looking at the Wrong Things
Risks and Opportunities in an Uncertain World
Five Drivers of Change
Keys to Creating Success for the Future
Futurist Thinking

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