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ShortcutstoContentSuccessful executive coaches and consultants understand that quality content matters.

They also know how to save time and money with their content creation.

We’ve created a free report to help you, too.

Included are 10 questions to answer before you write a single word of your content.

Let us send you a special guide on Shortcuts to Content.

As an independent service professional, you need to publish frequent, quality content on your blog and e-Newsletter, and then there’s that Expert Ebook…

We can help you save time, energy and money with a subscription to PHD quality content that attracts the executives and CEOs who hire coaches.

Here’s how it works:

As a subscriber, you can choose to receive one or two of the two new topics published each month in the form of an article and/or Article Nuggets.

In addition, or alternatively, you can choose any topic from our Article Library (with non-exclusive reprint rights*).

The articles, custom articles, and Article Nuggets are based on leading business books, research studies, and articles from magazines such as Harvard Business Review. The concepts and ideas are distilled, summarized, and put into clear language for easy reading. All content is professionally written and edited.

Article subscription options and prices:

12 Articles, RTF format, re-print rights:  $550

6 Articles, RTF format, re-print rights:  $340

Article Nuggets subscription options and prices:

12 Article Nuggets (each article broken into 3-5 nuggets each):  $630

12 Corresponding Articles and Article Nuggets$788

12 Articles plus 12 Article Nuggets:  $1050

Custom Content options and prices:

3 Customized Articles, re-print rights:  $900

*All of the content in the Article Library is for sale with non-exclusive reprint rights. For Guidelines on what “non-exclusive reprint rights” means, read our terms here.

What’s the difference between an article, Article Nuggets and Customized Articles? 

Based on our article topics, our Article Nuggets are written in 300-450 word sections, using the personal pronoun “I”, making them come alive and more personable, perfect for your blog. These shorter nuggets deliver one concept at a time, include keyword links, and allow for you to add your own story or client anecdotes, perfect for today’s busy blog readers.

Based on our article topics, our Customized Articles are re-written in a way to ensure quality content without duplication of what other subscribers are receiving.  You can use them as is, or add your own perspective and messages.

An Article or Customized Article subscription and the Article Nuggets subscription provides you with enough content for a monthly e-newsletter and weekly blog posts.

The most economical option is to buy a subscription of 12 articles plus 12 Article Nuggets.

You can also get content formatted into a customized newsletter. Click here to view options for PDF and HTML formatting,  including management and distribution.

Why should you trust our writing?

I was a Ford National Journalism Scholarship Winner and have been writing for 40 years. During the last 25 years, I’ve been writing psychologically-based topics for executive coaches and consultants. I have a doctorate in Psychology. I am also certified as a business coach.

Have more questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions from Customers and Potential Clients, send us an email, or give us a call: 858-224-5886.


Content Marketing Consulting Services


Need a boost to make your online content do a better job for you? We are a team of experienced online content marketing specialists: journalist, psychologist, business coach and consultant. You may not think you need the psychologist part of that, but you’d be surprised…

We guarantee you’ll come away with an inspired plan of action. Stop working to create content. Instead, make your content work for you to get leads, get known, and make more money.

Consulting at $200/hour

Consulting package of 3 hours: $480


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