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If you’re considering adding Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to your marketing mix, you won’t want to miss this free teleseminar:

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I struggle myself with knowing how much time to spend over on Twitter, and sometimes get fed up with all the mindless chatter.

Then I found out about a new solution to the social media challenges. I want to know more.

I’m hosting  MySocialMedia Solutions experts Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, and Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, on a no-holds-barred teleseminar to reveal the real truths about using Social Media to get clients.

Here’s some of what we’re discussing:

–5 reasons why you must participate at social media sites if you want to grow your business

–Why Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook might not be the best sites for you

–6 huge roadblocks that are keeping most people from actively participating in social media

–3 common mistakes that can derail your efforts and how to keep from making them

–The biggest, dumbest mistakes Jeanne and Joan made when they started

–A killer tip that will help you establish your expertise and enhance your credibility fairly quickly, with almost no work on your part

–How to know fairly quickly exactly how you should be spending your time at social media sites and what you should be discussing

–Why generating thousands of followers on sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a major mistake

–How to promote without looking like you’re promoting

If you’re like me, and struggle with time issues, you want to get the most out of social media without wasting time and energy.

Join me this Thursday, December 17 at 4 p.m. ET as I interview Joan Stewart and Jeanne Hulbert, two social media experts who are making some pretty bold claims that they can help solve social media challenges.

Find out what the solutions are.

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