Bargaining to Win

Without signing up for the Harvard Negotiating Project, how can you
effectively bargain to get what you want?

Let’s face it: Each of us negotiates every day. At work, we discuss additional
compensation when we’re promoted to a new position. We plan a vacation or a
move. We negotiate with our family over what’s for dinner and which TV shows to
watch. We negotiate all sorts of things, big and small, on a daily basis.

Negotiation is a means of getting what you want from others. It consists of
back-and-forth discussions designed to reach an agreement with another party
anytime you face common and opposing interests.

There’s an alternative to hard or soft bargaining: Change the game entirely…

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Positional Bargaining
Hard or Soft Bargainer?
An Alternative Process
Four Elements to Principled Negotiation
Three Phases of Negotiating

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