Become More Mindful: Are You Living on Autopilot?

freedigitalphotos.netAre You Living on Autopilot?

A pattern of behavior can become so habitual that one barely notices anymore what it prompts one to do. One feels automatically, thinks automatically and acts automatically. ~ Martine Batchelor, Let Go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits (Wisdom Publications, 2007)

More than two-thirds of us are living and working on autopilot, according to even the most conservative estimates.

Neuroscientists attribute this phenomenon to the brain’s ability to conserve energy. To avoid depleting valuable reserves, the brain chooses the path of least resistance. It essentially tries to avoid thinking, which leads us to form ingrained habits and routines.

Don’t allow this physiological wiring to lull you into a state of complacency or ennui. Decades of research on achievement suggest that successful people reach their goals because of what they do, not because of who they are. They differentiate themselves from their always-struggling counterparts by learning how to “wake up,” when necessary. They’ve raised their level of awareness and seize moments of opportunity.

This article explores the 10 strategies for turning off your brain’s autopilot and taking an active role in achieving your goals.


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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Know what you want
  • Become more mindful
  • Stick to your plan
  • Be a realistic optimist
  • Don’t tempt fate


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