Becoming Fully Engaged Part 1: Managing Energy, Not Time

Just about everyone is in a hurry these days, juggling work, family and play
like so many balls in the air. We pride ourselves on our ability to multitask.
We use email, cell phones, and other devices to keep in touch so that we don’t
miss anything. About the only thing that seems to be slowing us down is traffic,
and then we use that to catch up on phone calls and messages.

Faced with relentless demands at work, we return home exhausted, only to face
children and spouses with less than a cheerful disposition. Instead of
experiencing our families as a source of joy and renewal, they are one more
demand in an overburdened life. We say we need more time, but time isn’t really
the key issue in the first place.

Energy is the Key

The issue isn’t time—or time management. It’s energy. And this requires us to
rethink much of what we’ve believed about organizing our lives. Managing time
efficiently is no guarantee that we’ll bring sufficient energy to whatever it is
we’re doing. We need to learn two new rules:

1. Energy is the fundamental currency of high performance.

2. Performance, health and happiness are grounded in the skillful management of

One of the ways to improve your energy capacity is to explore these issues with
your coach: the ways in which you expend energy and how you renew it. The four
domains of physical, emotional mental and spiritual all need to be explored.

The is the first article in a four article series on “Becoming Fully Engaged”

A four article series to provoke thought and action to living life fully

Part 1: Managing Energy, Not Time

Part 2: Defining Purpose: What’s it Really All About, Anyway?

Part 3: Facing the Truth: Let’s Get Real Here

Part 4: The Power of Positive Rituals

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