Becoming Fully Engaged Part 2: Defining Purpose

What’s it really all about, anyway?

One of the most powerful sources of energy is passion. When we connect to our
most important values and purpose in life, our passion and energy seem
boundless. The most compelling source of purpose is spiritual, when energy is
derived from deeply held values and a purpose beyond one’s self-interest.

What is meant by spiritual in the context of this article about energy is a
higher order of thinking that includes ethical and moral reasoning and
connection to purpose beyond oneself. When we define purpose to include those
values and motivations that are more than self-serving we tap into a very strong
source of energy.

However, it is never easy to discover what exactly our higher purpose is.
Although we have a sense of our values, it is usually only after middle age or a
life-shattering crisis that we become intensely interested in discovering what
is really important for us. This requires the sort of exploration and
questioning best done with a trusted coach or mentor.

Clarifying purpose takes time and reflection. A coach can guide you through
questions to arrive at what is really most important to you. Values have
intrinsic worth in that they provide a source of inspiration and meaning that
cannot be taken away from us.

“All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and
to, and why.”—James Thurber

The full 1,000 word article discusses the following concepts:

The Quest for Meaning
Tapping into Unlimited Energy
Discovering What Really Matters
Universal Values & Virtues
Questions to Ask to Define Purpose

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