Becoming Fully Engaged Part 4: Building Positive Rituals

The 21 Day Plan for More Energy

There is a commonly held belief that if you do something for 21 days it will be
come a habit. Research from scientists supports this concept. Evidently, it
takes time to build new brain cells, then they have to connect with other
neurons, and then they only stabilize and become part of your memory after they
have been used repeatedly for a while.

Of course, when you stop using those particular cells (that is, get out of the
habit) these neurons wither up and you have to build them again. All this uses
up more of your precious energy and conscious willpower.

If you want to become more fully engaged in your life and work, you need access
to energy, drive and passion. Most of us don’t know how to manage our energy
well. At the end of the day, it is hard to summon up the enthusiasm we need,
especially for tasks we don’t find amusing. Energy is indeed our most precious
resource, even more important than time.

There are secrets to having energy throughout the day. Some of these keys were
discovered by observing professional athletes and corporate executives under
stressful pressures of competition and long working hours.

One key to successfully managing your energy reserves is through recovery
rituals. Every 90 to 120 minutes, your body and brain need to recover. A few
minutes of regular recuperation several times a day can extend your energy
capacities long into the day and evening.

Use your coach as a partner in exploring what’s really important to you,
choosing your goals, making an action plan, and creating energy recovery rituals
that connect with your higher purpose in life. Talking it over with a trusted
partner helps reinforce your reasons for change and unleashes your energy and

The full 1,000-word article includes the following concepts:

The Energy Secrets of Professional Athletes & CEOs
3 Reasons to Use Energy Recovery Rituals
Willpower and Discipline are Energy Deflators
Choosing your Recovery Rituals
Timing is Everything
Working with Your Coach
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