Blogging for Business is Easier Than You Think

 Time-saving Tips for Smart Business Blogging

...a blogging tutorial-in-a-box


Guest Expert: Patsi Krakoff, co-founder of The Blog Squad




Interviewed by: Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound




This tutorial is perfect for:

  • Anyone who hasn't started blogging yet and doesn't know how to start

  • Bloggers who want to learn how to save time and build in efficiencies

  • Bloggers who are having trouble pulling traffic to their blogs

  • Anyone who blogs and has trouble finding enough'll never be lacking for it after this!


You will learn:

  • The 5 most important things you must know about blogging if you're just getting started

  • 77 places to find blog content, or topics for your blog posts

  • How to recycle existing content you might have forgotten about so you aren't always starting from scratch

  • How to find and recruit occasional guest bloggers so you don't have to do it all yourself

  • How to pitch yourself as a guest blogger and get in front of big audiences that don't already know you

  • 4 time-suck traps that make blogging harder than it really is

  • How to encourage visitors to comment at your blog and create lively discussion so others will return

  • The one big mistake that's costing many bloggers traffic, exposure and inbound links

  • Patsi's tips for feeding your blog into the social media sites so it does double- and triple-duty

  • The quickest, cheapest ways to find attractive photos and images that will dress up your blog

  • The best way to notify your readers via email that you've written a new blog post...a MUST!

  • A really great tip on how to easily access an endless stream of fresh blog post content ideas, for free,
    to vastly improve your credibility and reputation 

  • ...and you can email your questions to us before or during the call!

Bonus!  23 pages of handouts packed with how-to advice,
step-by-step directions and resources

You don't need to use the handouts to "follow along." Instead, you can refer to them after you've listened to Patsi, or read the electronic transcript.

  • The First 7 Steps Before You Create Your Blog

  • Problems/Solutions Content Worksheet
  • 101 Ways to Find Content for Your Blog

  • Better, Faster Blog Writing
  • Confessions of a Serial Writer
  • Make a List of 5 Key Points
  • 20 Mistake Smart Professionals Make with Blogs

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Rave Reviews

"Since your class, I've written 10 new blog posts. I am so inspired that I've challenged myself not only to keep improving my blog design and set-up, but also to write 100 posts in the next 100 days. So far I having a blast! Thanks for the highly informative class and and the great handouts."

Katie Curtin
Creative Life Design Coach

"This was absolutely one of the best teleseminars I've participated in. The handout is top-notch. Thanks for providing serious content: helpful websites from which to learn more and a great outline to get me started."

Mary E. Fenelon, Principal
Building Associations Collaborative
Lafayette, CA

"I've been blogging for about a year and searching for some routine and structure. The way the material was structured and organized was just what I have been looking for! I really appreciate the detail that was given in how to do certain processes and where to go to find resources. The rubber really met the road in your seminar!"

Diane Huey
Licensed Acupuncturist

"I was blown away by your teleseminar. I started my blog in 2005 and I'm currently rebuilding and revamping it. Your tips and suggestions gave me just what I was looking for, from design, writing my posts, using social media, getting comments and subscribers, to how to find content for my blog and LOTS more! The handout is very detailed and in-depth. When it comes to business blogging, you two are the best."

Janet Hall
OverHall Consulting
Port Republic, MD

"Patsi offered a plethora of information, one item right after another. Joan, you, as always, were great at asking clarifying questions and keeping the ball moving in the right direction. I buy tons of info products and none--repeat none--are better than yours. Practical and clearly delivered."

Norman Lieberman
The Pay Raise Coach
Aliso Viejo, CA

"The teleseminar outlined every critical aspect: how to blog, how to create content and how to increase traffic. I have been delaying my blog because it felt so overwhelming. Now I feel confident and ready to go. I could not be more happy."

Bertrand Babinet PhD
Boulder, CO

"I've attended other live and webinar blogging seminars and this was WAAAAY the best."


Mary Richeimer
The Buyer's Best Realtors
 Frederick, MD

"I don't blog yet and you've given me many helpful ideas to get me started! Many thanks."

Nancy Hack
The Hack Agency
Mount Kisco, NY

"Patsi is obviously an expert, with great tips to share. She really demystified the process for me. The handouts were excellent."

Deborah Genovesi
Temecula, CA



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Order the electronic transcript


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