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“Did you know that HubSpot customers who write just 3-4 blog posts per month get 20 more monthly lead submissions, 800 more monthly site visits, 60 more Twitter followers, and 50 more Facebook like’s than customers who only write 2 blog posts per month? That’s a HUGE difference.”

If you need a ghost writer to supplement your blogging, please email or call me to discuss these services.

1. Basic Blogging Services: $397./month includes 1 post per week or 4 per month.
Your content or mine.  Each post is formatted, linked, search optimized and photo added. Information from books & articles, topics are primarily leadership & personal development. Posts are approximately 300 – 400 words long.

2. Premium Blogging Services: $597./month includes 1-2 posts a week, or 6 per month.  Your content or mine.  Each post includes formatting, linking, search optimization, and photo illustration. Posts are approximately 350-500 words long.

3. Blog Content Marketing & Social Media Services: $850/month includes up to 8 posts per month.  Includes writing, posting with linking, search optimization, photos and social media updates  (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn). Oversight of content marketing strategy and results.

Image-in-a-box-white180x193Time Saving Tips for Smart Blogging: If you want to upgrade your blogging skills, start with this program. For $39 you can’t go wrong, it’s chock full of worksheets and resources.

If you want me to help you get blogging results, read the following and call me: 858-224-5886.

Content Marketing Consulting Services

It used to be that all you needed to market a service business online was a website.

Then everyone said you need a newsletter and a way to build a list of subscribers.

Then, you need a blog… You really should be posting on a blog 2-3 times a week.

And Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn… And what about a White Paper?

Oh dear. So what’s a busy professional supposed to do?

Above all, don’t get overwhelmed, but you do need to take action in a few key domains.

I can help you get maximum marketing power from your online efforts with minimum time and energy.

Besides providing quality content, I’ve become an expert in business blogs (I founded The Blog Squad in 2004). I can help you with your online content marketing strategies.

Here are a few things you’ll notice when we’ve done some work on your content marketing strategies together:

  • Increase in web traffic and blog traffic
  • More downloads of your key content pieces
  • More requests for further information (new prospects, new leads!)
  • People who contact you are already “pre-qualified: and “pre-sold”
  • More opportunities to improve your marketing reach through media contacts & joint ventures
  • Improved reputation, brand recognition, and customer relations
  • More clients, more work, more money! (and perhaps more time to do what you love?)

If you need a boost to make your online content do a better job for you, may I suggest a Content Marketing Strategy Review?

Here’s how we can work together. I am an experienced online content marketing specialist, journalist and psychologist. You may not think you need the psychologist part of that, but you’d be surprised…

I guarantee you’ll come away with an inspired plan of action. Stop working to create content. Instead, make your content work for you to get leads, get known, and make more money.

Consulting at $200/hour.

Consulting package of 3 hours: $480


Blog Directories Submission Service:

In order to start promoting your blog, you want to get listed in all the appropriate blog directories. Don’t waste your time doing this yourself. My team will do this for you, including 10-12 hours of painstaking work.

Blog Directories Submission Service: Price $125


A white paper, ebook, case study or special report

You probably can’t write about yourself the way an experienced Internet journalist can. Here’s how to create a key piece of killer content that sells you and your services better. You can use this to attract the right people and get them on your marketing list.

Let me do it for you. I will interview you, review your current content marketing information, and create a new piece exclusive for you and your business.

Expert Ebook Writing Services: $850 per month
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Customized White Paper: $1900.


Customized White Paper Payment Plan: $1275 + $650.
1st Payment, $1275:

Delivered digitally, PDF formatting available.

Questions? Want to see if we can come up with something new and different for you? Email and let’s talk.