Branding Your Blog: Content Marketing Tips

Branding Your Blog: Tips and Tag Lines

WritignonthewebGIF Branding is more than finding a clever name for your blog. It starts there, but then you must extend the brand with a tag line, logo design, colors, your photo and bio, and create a consistent profile everywhere on the Net, including Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Equally important is to harmonize your business name with your blog name. For example, when I first started my blog, my business was called Customized Newsletter Services. The blog was my communications center for everything about e-newsletters for coaches, so I called it When things evolved, the blog evolved into blog writing for small businesses, so I changed the name to Writing on the Web.

Ah, you see why there are days when I wish I could start over. I didn't think things through 4-5 years out into the future. Don't make these branding mistakes like I did.

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