Bullies in the Workplace

The fact that the phrase “going postal” has become common workplace jargon is
a significant commentary. While workplace murders and assaults are in the media,
far more frequent are incidents of bullying and intimidation.

Often it is accepted as poor management style: an overbearing boss or supervisor
yells out orders and makes snide remarks to belittle those who do not perform
quickly enough. More often it occurs between co-workers in subtle but malicious
forms of gossiping, back-stabbing, rumor-spreading, deviousness and work

Workplace bullying includes all types of interpersonal harassment and
discrimination. Some are blatantly illegal, as when there are sexual or racial
overtones, but most are not.

Incivility at work hurts a company’s bottom line. It is estimated that
aggression in the workplace caused some 500,000 workers to miss 1,751,000 work
days annually or 3.5 days per incident.This loss of working days equates to $55
million in lost wages.

Unfortunately, few workplaces can be called psychologically healthy.

Practicing respect in the workplace and eliminating bullying changes a whole
company. Production and efficiency goes up, morale improves and profits soar.

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