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I have been subscribing to your newsletter service for over seven years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the great topics and excellent content. You are always extremely responsive to my requests and very professional.

As a leadership consultant and executive coach it is critical to have a marketing program that is highly visible and provides great value to grow your business.

Sometimes it’s hard to do it all. My Working Resources Newsletters and Blog have helped me establish my brand. The Blog Squad’s expertise in setting up my Working Resources Blog has been invaluable. I know I can always rely on sage advice from you whether it’s newsletters, blogs or social media.

My clients have been extremely impressed with my leadership newsletters and blog enhancing my value and credibility. I have used the newsletters for workshops and tele-class material. The well researched content and easy readability is greatly appreciated by current and has resulted in a number of new ones!

My executive coaching and career coaching clients have given me very positive feedback when they read my newsletters and blog. One of my leadership coaching clients at a law firm sent copies of the article “Flipping the Coin for Talent” to all of the partners. It helped produce some leadership development, selection and assessment work.

“Four Paths to Less Business Stress” provided some great reference material for my interview as a workplace expert with NPR on workplace stress. “Secrets of Successful Careers – Finding your Core Purpose and Strengths” contributes to my pending career coaching video with CBS Interactive MoneyWatch.

Thank you for making my work life a lot easier and enriching my clients. You are a true collaborative partner in all of us being more happy and successful, and making a contribution to a better world.

Dr. Maynard Brusman
Consulting Psychologist and Executive Coach



The success I have had because of “our” newsletter has been terrific. I have great results gaining new business today because people have been reading as far back as three years ago when they first starting receiving my newsletter. A longtime reader just referred me to Airbus North America after reading my February issue. Yes, I will be working with Airbus North America because of the indirect response to the newsletter.

I love hearing from people who say, “I know you, I love your newsletter. My boss or someone passed it on to me.” Being known throughout Palm Beach and Broward County due to the newsletter is the best marketing and branding I can do.

I have been asked to be a keynote speaker with many organizations such as BAIFA, BOMA and Executive Forums because people read a particular article and asked me to speak on that subject. Of course, I close business every time.

Thanks for lending credibility to Proffitt Management Solutions. You are a tremendous asset to me and my business.

Nancy Proffitt, MBA
Certified Business Coach
Turning Potential into Performance



When we started working together back in 2001, I could never have envisioned the important role your newsletter service would play in the successful growth of my coaching business. As you recall, in the beginning we were only mailing a bi-monthly print newsletter to about XX subscribers. In the subsequent years, we converted from print to electronics and quadrupled our output.

Today, thanks to you, we’re e-mailing two newsletters per month to over 6000 readers! And because people like the newsletter and tell others about it, the list is rapidly growing.

Not long ago I received a call from the president of a company who wanted to talk about my coaching services. When I asked him how he got my name, he replied, “I’ve been reading your newsletter for the past six months. In every issue, you describe our problems so well that I’d swear you’ve been following me around. We know you understand us, so we want to talk to you about helping us.”

That’s a tribute to your knowledge and skills. You pick timely subjects and express them in a manner that helps people do their jobs better. Readers see my newsletter as a valuable service, not as an advertisement.

I suppose I could publish my own newsletter. But you’re a talented writer, which I am not, and you know how to publish newsletters in attractive formats, which I don’t. Besides, you save me an enormous amount of time that I can devote to income-producing activities. Teaming up with you is a win-win proposition. It increases the effectiveness of my newsletter and the profits of my business.

This year, Joan Walsh and I launched a new business, Kashbox Coaching , which offers corporate and individual coaching, strategic planning, and assessment services. We plan to start a newsletter for it soon (in addition to the ones you are currently producing for me), so expect a call. You’re our “go-to” person for building a successful company!

David Herdlinger
Herdlinger Associates
St. Simons Island, GA



I think it really sums it up for me…you make me look good!

Thanks again,

Chip Scholz



When my newsletter goes out, I always receive emails from people I don’t usually hear from, telling me how much they enjoyed reading it, found my information timely and applicable, and in general, thanking me because they look forward to receiving it.

As well, when at business functions…I will often have someone say to me “I know who you are, I get your newsletter.” I believe it keeps my name and what I do “out there.” I see my newsletter as contributing to my success. It makes a statement that speaks to my brand.

I just met with the COO at a company where I’ve been coaching. He told me that that the employees (the ones I’ve coached) forward him my newsletter.

He said, “They want me to read it because they feel the content is often pertinent to what’s going on at the company.” There are over 100 employees at this company and I’ll soon be asking if I can send everyone my newsletter.


Linda Yaffe


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