Corporate Culture Drives Results

“The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of their organization is going to blow the competition away.” ~ Walter Wriston, former CEO Citicorp

If your people continue to think and act as they do now, can you expect to achieve the results you need?

If your answer is no, then changing your organizational culture is not an option—it’s an imperative.

The ultimate responsibility for both the Colombia and Challenger shuttle failures fell on NASA’s organizational culture and the executives who ignored, dismissed or minimized the engineering experts.

How can changing organizational culture prevent disasters? And conversely, how can we use culture to drive spectacular results?

Research shows that the right culture champions high levels of performance and ethical behavior. When organizations design and support a culture that encourages outstanding individual and team contribution, they achieve amazing bottom-line results.

Optimizing your culture should command as much attention as performance metrics, operations, finances, sales and every other organizational discipline.

In Change the Culture, Change the Game, authors Tom Smith and Roger Connors write: “Either you manage your culture, or it will manage you.”

This article examines how culture drives results and how you can rapidly effect change in your organization by optimizing the culture first.

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The complete 1500 word article includes these important concepts:

●    What Drives Results
●    Manage Your Culture
●    How People Experience Work
●    Achieving True Accountability
○    See it
○    Own it
○    Solve it
○    Do it
●    When to Change the Culture
●    Change Begins with Desired Results


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