Creating a Climate of Innovation

The business enterprise has two, and only two, basic functions: marketing
and innovation. It is not necessary for a business to grow bigger; but it is
necessary that it constantly grow better.
– Peter Drucker

An enterprise that does not innovate will not survive long. And management that
does not learn to innovate and foster creativity will not last long.

Business leaders must revamp how they think about innovation. Innovation and
creativity are far less mysterious than previously thought. They are a matter of
taking developed ideas and applying them in new situations.

People will be most creative when they feel motivated by the work itself. When
people are engaged because of their own natural interest and satisfaction in
their work, they will be challenged to be creative through their own intrinsic

The paradox of success is that when things are going well there’s no need to
change. Innovation needs to begin before a need is felt.

Cognitive psychologists have shown that the biggest hurdle to solving problems
often isn’t ignorance, it’s access to the right information at the right time.
Information sharing within big organizations is not easy due to geographic
distances, political squabbles, internal competition and bad incentive systems
that hinder the spread of ideas.

Above all, innovation is work rather than genius. It requires knowledge,
ingenuity and focus. Without diligence, persistence and commitment, all the
talent, ingenuity and knowledge are to no avail.

Foremost among life’s teaching is the recognition that humans possess the
capability to deal with complexity and interconnection. Human creativity and
commitment are our greatest resources
. -Margaret Wheatley

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