Creating Powerful Teams

Teams are the most common business unit for high performance. Although the
word gets used loosely and not always appropriately, there is universal
acceptance that teams create opportunities for high performance results.

The most significant research on groups of people working together occurred in
the 1930’s with the Hawthorne studies. The results revealed that being observed
and having others interested in them was the determining factor that increased
performance for a group of workers. This was called the Hawthorne Effect.

The Hawthorne Effect has importance for executives interested in increasing
results without command and control tactics: pay attention to people and their
teams, express genuine interest in them, give them opportunities for social
interaction, frequent feedback, and stand back and let them perform.

Though it may not seem like anything special, mutual accountability can lead to
astonishing results. It enables a team to achieve performance levels that are
far greater than the individual bests of the team’s members.

Working with a team coach, both individually and with the whole team, can help
define the team purpose, specific goals and mutual accountability and facilitate
communications that lead to high performance results.

Important concepts in the full 2,000 word article:

The Elements of Effective Teams
The Evolution of Group to Team
What the Hawthorne Studies Show about Teams
Emotional Energy for the Team
Specific Goals Provide Clarity and Focus
Mutual Accountability Leads to High Performance Results
Five Essential Disciplines of Effective Teams
Eight Keys to Building Team Performance
Building the Emotional Intelligence of Teams
The Challenge of Working with Virtual Teams
Using Focused Feedback and Follow-up to Build Teams Quickly
Resources on Teams

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