Autonomy: Are You Master of Your Destiny?

We are most intensely motivated when we’re challenged to complete a self-assigned task that meets our personal needs. When we seek internal satisfaction, we give our best efforts, sustaining attention until resolution— no matter what.

How do we create enough autonomy at work to choose tasks that provide internal satisfaction? Granted, we don’t always have 100% control over our assignments, but we do have some freedom over where we place our energies and how we spend our time.

In manufacturing jobs, products need to be produced, packaged, sold and shipped. In these jobs, there may be little freedom.

In  knowledge-based and service industries, however, we have choices and can make decisions about how and where we spend our time and efforts.

Too many choices can lead to inertia and procrastination. Knowing what motivates us, and from where we derive our internal satisfaction, helps focus our attention and time on what matters most.

Having  more autonomy over our work sounds great, but it also presents new challenges. How can we identify our internal drives? What brings us the most satisfaction? How can we select tasks and work projects that ignite our passions and internal drives within the scope of our jobs?


This 1000-word article discusses intrinsic drives, internal satisfaction, autonomy and how to create flow experiences in what we choose to do with our time and efforts.

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The complete 1,000 word article discusses the following concepts:

  • The Third Drive
  • 3 Keys to Intrinsic Rewards
  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose
  • Creating Flow

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Are You the Master of Your Own Destiny?
Creating True Autonomy

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