Dishonest Bosses: They’re Everywhere…

A majority of U.S. workers do not think their bosses are honest, said a survey released in October, 2009. One in four would fire their boss if they could.

This news is certainly fodder for executive coaches and consultants working with bosses.

The survey was conducted for Adecco Group North America, part of Zurich-based Adecco Group, a human resources and placement company, and reported by Reuters in an article written by Ellen Wulfhorst.

Two-thirds of workers, however, would not change anything about their relationship with their boss, the survey found.

It found 53 percent of workers do not think their boss is honest, a similar number do not think their boss is fair or patient and two-thirds do not think their boss is loyal.

A quarter say they believe their boss is dishonest about their job security, and 28 percent would lay off or fire their boss if given the opportunity, it said.

By a wide margin of 89 percent, workers think their relationship with the boss is important for job satisfaction, the survey found.

The online study was conducted for Adecco by Harris Interactive October 6 to 8, 2009. Harris interviewed a nationwide sample of 2,081 U.S. adults, 1,147 of whom were employed full- or part-time.

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