Executive Coaches Use Video Marketing

ClapBoardI’ve been experimenting with short video posts as a means to connect with blog and website visitors.

Soon I’m going to offer a marketing video option to executive coaches. Video clips are very powerful to show your expertise along with your personality. Since executive coaching is such a personal selection process, what could be better?

But beware! I spent a few minutes on YouTube executive coach videos and was appalled at the lack of professionalism. Many were pedantic and boring, I hate to say.

If you’re using video for marketing, please leave a comment and share your links. I love using the Flip video camera, or my Logitech WebCam, and those don’t have to be fancy.

But for a marketing video where you want to put your best professional foot forward, I’d recommend using a professional service. I’m investigating the best ones for you. So far, iFlashVideo has some good options, as long as you provide them with a quality script. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a quality clip I found that is worthy of two minutes of your time. Tell me what you think.

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