Executive Coaching Is Hot

Driving the trend in executive coaching is the business reality which makes
good staff hard to get and harder to keep. In the need for constant change to
stay competitive, companies see coaching as a way to help valued employees
develop swiftly in the changing business environment.

A growing number of Fortune 500 companies offer executive coaching to their top
people. Whether hiring external coaches or training their own leaders in
coaching skills, companies are finding that coaching is essential for creating
change and evolving people towards their highest productivity and potential.

Executive coaching coupled with management and leadership training can boost
productivity and help build leadership competencies.

Companies that have employed coaches will agree that, overall, there are
performance improvements, as well as improved well-being among participants.

About 6 out of 10 organizations currently offer coaching or other developmental
counseling to their managers and executives according to a survey by Manchester,
Inc., a Jacksonville, Florida, career management consulting firm. Another 20
percent of companies said they plan to offer such coaching within the next year.

Important concepts covered in the full 2,000-word article:

Defining Executive Coaching
Why Executive Coaching?
The Top Reasons for Offering Coaching
The Masterful Coaching Experience
Using Assessments with Coaching
Goals and Outcomes
How to Get the Most Out of Coaching
Key Coaching Principles
A List of Resources on Executive Coaching

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