Executive Coaching Survey: High Results

I recently researched the executive coaching field for a white paper I wrote for a client, and discovered a  survey on coaching effectiveness I’ll share with you here. This is from the Institute of Executive Coaching  in Australia.

The Institute’s ongoing independently conducted survey into coaching effectiveness shows that coaching has a major beneficial impact in the workplace.  This is a summary of the latest results.

Read the full results of the IEC survey here: (Armstrong, Melser, Tooth 2007)

Overall, the biggest message that seems to come through about coaching effectiveness is that it is valuable in assisting people build self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy is the perception/belief people have about their capacity to achieve in relation to actions and goals.

In particular, coaching improved peoples’ perception of their own strengths and challenges, and their ability to communicate assertively and confidently with their colleagues and staff.

Summary of results

OVERALL Effectiveness
92% of respondents expressed overall satisfaction with their coaching.

Reported benefits
78% reported that they found that coaching benefited their work performance and professional development.

71% said coaching had a substantial influence on the way they approached work and colleagues.

There were five main areas of benefit that people have described:

% satisfied or very satisfied

Learning about yourself     86
Developing communication skills     76
Improving your work organization and planning     66
Understanding context/strategy of your business     50
The coaching experience overall    92

You can read the full report here.

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