HTML Newsletters
All-in-One Ezine System

Here’s how we can do it all for you:

Formatting and distributing your e-newsletter is time consuming and energy-draining.

We can provide more than just quality content for your e-newsletters.

  • We can also design, format and broadcast your HTML customized e-newsletter
  • We’ll design a template for you to include your company colors, logo, business photo and marketing message.
  • We’ll distribute your ezine via our in-house email list-server and manage your database for you.

Having good newsletter content is crucial, and so is how your newsletter looks. Formatting and distribution tasks are two of the most time-consuming and energy draining – but necessary – tasks for having a successful e-newsletter.

Our All-in-One Services include:

  1. Custom designed HTML template
  2. Quality content
  3. Formatted monthly
  4. Broadcast monthly
  5. Database subscription management

As a busy professional, you need to spend your energy doing what you do best, that is, serving your clients. Let us do all of the newsletter work for you.

Which Of These Powerful Elements Could You Use for Your E-newsletter?

  • A customized look that reflects your style
  • Coordinate your ezine graphics and colors with your website for consistent branding impact
  • Effective feedback and forwarding options
  • Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe instructions & database management
  • Your company name, photo, logo and contact info prominently displayed
  • Intelligent thought-provoking content, researched and supported by leading books and studies
  • 1,000 word articles that you can choose from a variety of topics suitable for high-level executives
  • Your own contribution, anecdotes, personal philosophy and message to readers can be included
  • You can use our content, your content, and/or combine the two
  • Consistent distribution every month – never miss another deadline
  • Replies go directly to your inbox so you don’t miss opportunities to respond directly to readers’ inquiries
  • A website sign-up form for easy subscriptions


A. $2400 for 12 issues: Order here

B. $850 – 3 payments every 60 days: Order here

C. $450 to start plus 10 monthly payments of $210: Order here


We sell you non-exclusive reprint rights.  However, you can’t use these newsletters to resell in any form such as an e-book, book, or other publication form without my permission. You cannot resell these newsletters to other users.

Got questions? Call me, 858-224-5886 or email. I’d love to see if we can create an effective executive coaching newsletter for you.