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Having good newsletter content is crucial, and so is how your newsletter looks.

Formatting and distribution tasks are two of the most time-consuming and energy draining – but necessary – tasks for having a successful e-newsletter.

We’ve created a free document to help you. Included are 10 questions to answer before you write a single word of your Newsletter.

You’ll get clarity and focus, and hopefully, save time and energy!

Let us send you a special document on

Shortcuts to Publishing
a Newsletter


Interested in saving more time and energy with your Newsletter?
We’ll create one for you.

Newsletter Services


With a PDF file customized with your name, photo, logo and branding elements, your newsletter is ready for posting on your website, or printing, or emailing. We change the content each month and deliver the PDF file to you.

Newsletters are available for subscriptions of 6 and 12 issues, in 2 or 4 pages. The articles are approximately 1000 words for 2 pages, 2000 words for 4 pages, plus 150 word marketing message/bio in sidebar.

4 Pages – approximately 2,000 word article + Customized PDF Newsletter

1. 12, 4-page PDF newsletters: $1040

2. 6, 4-page PDF newsletters: $599

2 Pages – approximately 1,000 word article + Customized PDF Newsletter

1. 12, 2-page PDF newsletters: $714

2. 6, 2-page PDF newsletters: $431

As a busy professional, you need to spend your energy doing what you do best, that is, serving your clients.

Let us do all of the newsletter work for you: we’ll create a custom design, provide quality content, format, and distribute your Newsletter via our in-house email list-server and manage your database for you.

A.12 HTML Newsletters: $2520

B. 12 HTML Newsletters, 3 Payments every 60 days: $893

C. 12 HTML Newsletters, 11 Payments: $479 to start plus 10 monthly payments of $220


Content Marketing Consulting Services


Need a boost to make your online content do a better job for you? We are a team of experienced online content marketing specialists: journalist, psychologist, business coach and consultant. You may not think you need the psychologist part of that, but you’d be surprised…

We guarantee you’ll come away with an inspired plan of action. Stop working to create content. Instead, make your content work for you to get leads, get known, and make more money.

Consulting at $200/hour

Consulting package of 3 hours: $480


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