FAQ: Can I Edit Your Content?

postal-envelopeOne of my dear long-time clients emailed the other day, apologetically, to submit his notes and edits on a recent article I wrote.

“I hope you aren’t offended,” he said. “I changed a few things in your article to make it suit my readers better. I also wanted to add my own perspective on the myths of talent vs hard work.”

Offended? What would be offensive would be someone not ordering an article because a sentence or two didn’t sound. The client then went on in his email to say that he used to do this.

“Before, I would get turned off at one or two phrases and not order an article. Then I realized it wouldn’t take much for me to change it the way I wanted it to read. This way I get the benefit of your research and data, and the article becomes mine, the way I want it to read.”

It never occurred to me that some of my subscribers might get turned off by my writing! But why wouldn’t they? I write things the way I speak, not the way they speak…

Folks, the important thing here to remember is that I write generic articles…I try to make them suitable for many coaches and consultants by leaving out personality.

You may not like something I wrote. You can edit.

You are free to change these articles, rewrite them, and correct any phrases you wish. That’s what I term “full reprint rights.”

I count on you to add personality, your own perspectives. That’s why I suggest you add an introduction and a conclusion to the articles when you put them into your newsletters.

It’s perfectly okay to cut, copy, paste, spindle and mutilate! Hope this clears things up and more subscribers will speak up, and edit to their heart’s content!

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