Finding True Meaning at Work

Without work all life goes rotten- but when work is soulless, life stifles and dies.” – Albert Camus

Recently there has been discussion among consultants, business owners and CEOs
about the search for soul in the workplace. While most agree that religion is
not an appropriate topic to approach at work, leaders are examining the role of
true meaning and purpose in the corporation, both on an organizational and
individual level.

Tom Peters, Stephen Covey and Warren Bennis have joined the discussion. A search
of the literature and the Internet reveals new books on the subject of bringing
heart and soul to business. Stephen Covey says there is a “spiritual renaissance
taking place in the business world today.”

At the same time that corporate leaders are searching to discover ways to ignite
commitment and performance, people working at all levels are seeking to find
true meaning in what they do. There is a struggle to find what engages one at
work at the deepest level.

The nature of work is changing in our world today. Job security is gone. The
rapidly changing job environment causes many of us to ask ourselves questions
such as, “What is the true meaning or purpose in my work?”

A group of CEO’s of fast-growing technology companies were asked, “What will be
the greatest challenge facing your organization five years from now?” More than
half responded with something like, “We will be struggling with how to re-ignite
commitment and help people find meaning in their work.”

It is no longer sufficient to have a job; many people are seeking a fuller life
at work, one that is consistent with the larger focus of their lives. These
ideas are now seen as a vital component of workplace satisfaction, which in turn
affects performance and productivity.

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