Future of Work: 5 Skills for the Robotic Age

Future of WorkThe challenges of 21st-century work—rapid innovation, unrelenting change and unprecedented uncertainty—have created a stress pandemic. The future of work – your work – may involve robots, even as a manager or leader.

Depending on your disposition, you may view the future as ripe for a spectacular explosion of creativity or poised on the brink of self-destruction. Either way, there’s no going back.

The tools and skills we’ve developed over the last century inadequately address imminent challenges. We’re caught between two paradigms: a collapsing industrial platform and an uncertain new one.

“Information Age” insufficiently captures the spirit of where we’re headed. We will be forced to interpret unprecedented information streams and navigate vast knowledge networks to solve new problems.

But we’re not yet ready to deal with these interconnected, nonlinear and amorphous challenges. Our skills remain too basic. We must break free of static, linear thinking and move toward dynamic, holistic information processing.

This article examines the future of work, 10 areas ripe for innovation, and 5 skills leaders will need to be predictive, adaptive and agile in the robotic age.

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Too Much Information
  • Man vs. Machine
  • Creative Destruction
  • “Help! A Robot Ate My Job!”
  • 10 Areas Ripe for Innovation
  • 5 Skills for the Robotic Age
  • Will You Be “Future Smart”?

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