He Thinks, She Thinks: Different Brains

brainy-womanAnyone with workplace experience knows men and women process information and communicate differently. Dealing with gender differences can prove challenging, especially for managers and leaders.

Regardless of which industry you’re in or the position you fill, male and female coworkers can experience a shared event and come away with different emotional stories.

We seem to be hardwired this way. Now that neuroscience is becoming more sophisticated, with tools like brain imaging, what are we learning about the gender divide?

Here are the key findings:

  1. Emotions are useful. They make the brain pay attention.
  2. Men and women process certain emotions differently.
  3. These distinctions are a product of complex interactions between nature and nurture.

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•    Brain Differences
•    Small Talk
•    Giving Orders
•    Asking Questions
•    Mental Disorders
•    “She’s So Emotional…”

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