How Does Content Marketing Work for Executive Coaches?

How does content marketing work for executive coaches and consultants? What makes someone pick up the phone and call you to inquire about your coaching services after they read an article you publish in your newsletter or blog?

Ah, yes, but there’s the problem right there in red, the “ACTION” word. How do you get readers to contact you?

It’s all fine and dandy to publish interesting articles that show off how smart you are… but there has to be something that compels readers to take further action… like email or call you about how you can help them.

That certain “something” lies in how well you communicate your personality, values, and authenticity to your readers. I can’t do that for you, but I can supply credible, interesting, and quality content for your newsletters and blogs.

Then, all you have to do is add your own stories and anecdotes to connect the dots back to your web pages and contact page.

May I suggest you visit this page at, and listen to the short video I made about what may be missing from your content marketing?

My solution is to provide ready-to-publish blog posts that are easy for you to add your own personal client stories. That saves you time and energy with research and writing.

Visit and see if this content subscription can help you get more action from your web pages and blog.

A subscription of 12 article topics are delivered as 5 article nuggets written in blog style, using the personal pronoun “I” so that you only have to add your own stories from the work you do. You also add links back to relevant web pages about your services and products.

Each nugget can be modified. Keywords are already hyperlinked for you. You can use “as is” but it’s suggested you make each nugget your own by adding your perspective and links.

In this way, 90% of the work is done for you. When you think of the times you’ll save writing and researching, you won’t want to do without this service. To find out more, go to


One Response to “How Does Content Marketing Work for Executive Coaches?”
  1. Mario says:

    Thanks for this article Patsi. You’re right on, in my ceeprienxe. As an introvert who had an extrovert partner, it was always a struggle to get our ezines conceived and published on time. We were able to work out ways to brainstorm outloud for the extrovert, then get it down on paper (or the computer) and then do the introverted work from there. Having a colleague or partner to bounce ideas around with is very helpful for extroverts, and I have to say I like best your advice : Do what you love, outsource the rest. I’m experimenting with that now and it really relieves the pressure.

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