How It Works

patsi_krakoff_pic5Hi, I’m Patsi Krakoff, Psy.D. of Content Marketing Matters. I’m a retired psychologist and Co-founder of The Blog Squad. I’ve been providing Content Marketing services to coaching professionals for more than 10 years.

Content Marketing Matters!

There’s no question that staying in touch with past, present and future clients by providing quality information is an essential marketing tactic. It doesn’t matter if you’re publishing a print newsletter, electronic ezine, a blog, or white papers.

When you send out regular content consisting of valuable information people can use to make their work lives easier, faster, and smarter, readers remember you and will call you when they need services.

Here’s How Content Marketing Works

It works according to the Law of Reciprocity. You provide quality information and your prospects remember you when it comes time to find a consultant or hire a coach.

But you don’t have to spend your valuable time reading, researching and writing your own newsletters. We’ll do it for you: It’s what we love to do.

Here’s my story…

I was once in your shoes, an executive coach with a busy practice, living on airplanes between consulting gigs.

One day a colleague complained to me about not having time to do a newsletter so that he could stay in touch with former clients and prospects. I thought to myself, “…that shouldn’t be so hard.” So I crafted together my first newsletter.

Then I swapped out my photo for his, put his logo and banner at the top, and said, “Here, you can use this. Quit your belly-aching. Get this mailed or emailed out.”

The clients on his list loved “his” newsletter, and he got many responses. Since then, I’ve created many ezine options, with a variety of article choices.

You see, some people are just hard-wired to write. What seemed like a daunting task to my colleague is pure fun to me.

How Can Content Marketing Work for YOU?

You can pick out content only.

Or, you can decide to pick content PLUS PDF file formatting.

Or, you can get a customized HTML template designed, and we’ll take care of all the details. We’ll even email it for you.

Take a look at our Ezine Service options and decide which is best for you.

Don’t know? Give us a call or email.

Don’t let another month go by without keeping in touch with past, present and future clients.


I’m a trained psychologist and business coach thus our content focuses  on behaviors, thinking, people and communications. Sorry, but you won’t find content on finances, supply chain management or other business topics.