How to Be Happier – 3 Proven Steps

Why are some people happy, and others not?

Is happiness associated with a better life, greater luck or fewer worries and upsets?

Or, is it a question of character?

People who are highly satisfied with their lives are less likely to have psychological or social problems, less likely to get sick or be stressed out, and more likely to do well at work.

Luck and problems happen to everyone, so is it possible that some individuals are genetically wired to be happy?

Hardwired for Happiness

Current research reveals that mood and temperament do have a large genetic component. In a 1996 study, University of Minnesota psychologists David Lykken and Auke Tellegen surveyed 732 pairs of identical twins and found them closely matched for adult happiness, regardless of whether they’d grown up together or apart.

Such findings suggest that while we all experience ups and downs, our moods revolve around the emotional baselines, or “set points,” with which we’re born.

Even if we have an inherited range of happiness, tools are available to help us become happier and more satisfied with life. And while some research indicates 40% of our capacity for happiness may be genetically predisposed, more than 60% depends on our own motivations, goals and behaviors.

This article examines the research that suggests 3 steps will improve our levels of happiness.


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  • Hardwired for Happiness
  • The Little Things That Count
  • The Control Factor
  • Intervention 1: The Gratitude Visit
  • Intervention 2: Three Good Things
  • Intervention 3: Top Strengths
  • Coaching for Happiness
  • Resources on Happiness

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How to Be Happier – 3 Proven Steps

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