How to Be Happy: 5 Key Strengths

Why do some people always seem happy, and others not? Is it really a question
of life circumstances? Are they happy because their life is better, they have
more luck, and they just don’t have as many worries?

Or is it more a question of disposition, their nature, and character? Could it
be that some people are genetically wired to be happy, no matter what?

People who are highly satisfied with their lives are less likely to have
psychological or social problems, less likely to get sick or be stressed out,
and more likely to do well at work.

Hard-wired for Happiness?

Current research reveals that mood and temperament have a large genetic

But even if we have an inherited range of happiness, are there some tools that
we can learn in order to become happier and more satisfied with life?

Positive psychology researchers Dr. Nansook Park, Dr. Christopher Peterson and
Dr. Martin Seligman have been studying 24 character strengths in depth, and are
looking at the role of individual strengths in creating subjective feelings of

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Are Some People Always Happy?
Genetically Hard-wired for Happiness?
The Little Things that Count
The Control Factor
Survey Your Happiness
Know Your Strengths
Five Key Strengths
3 Proven Interventions
A List of Resources on Happiness

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