How to Get the Most Out of Meetings

Meetings, like death and taxes, are an inevitable fact of business life. Many, unfortunately, turn out to be a huge waste of time.

Instead of generating ideas, engagement and commitment, meetings often zap team members’ energy, replacing it with apathy and boredom. (photo courtesy

Meetings become counterproductive when they lose focus, go on too long, dilute authority, diffuse responsibility and delay decisions. Routinely referring a matter to a meeting may satisfy those who are cautious and analytical, but this bad habit frustrates action-oriented risk takers.

Humans are a social species, and meetings fulfill an innate need. Loyalty increases when we participate in teams and meetings—as long as we perceive them to have purpose, value and meaning.

What can you do to ensure your meetings are productive and useful—not just socially satisfying?

This 920-word article examines the functions of meetings and how to keep them on target and valuable.


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The full article talks about several useful meeting fundamentals:

  • Functions of Meetings
  • Avoid Meeting Failure
  • The Agenda: Preparing for Meetings
  • The Leader’s Job
  • Dealing with Subjects
  • Dealing with People

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