How to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

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There’s no better way to approach business writing than to keep three realities in mind:

1.    Business readers are content-driven.
2.    Readers are pressed for time.
3.    Readers are seeking solutions.

But there are too many contradictory rules for composing a business report:

  • Writing should be clear — but it should also “sound good.”
  • Information should be simple and straightforward, yet cleverly composed to stand out.
  • Get to the bottom line quickly, but don’t leave out background details.

If you need to compose a report, proposal, memo or email, you undoubtedly want to write effectively, without agonizing over every word. Keep the following points in mind to save time and energy, while avoiding the need for numerous rewrites:

  1. Our writing skills were developed in school. The fundamentals aren’t good enough for today’s fast-paced, time-pressed business environment.
  2. When you’re juggling contradictory ideas about style, presentation and level of detail, your results can come across as fuzzy and uncertain, which undermines your intent.
  3. Your writing skill determines whether you get your foot in the door to further the conversation. If you can’t make your case in writing, you may not get the chance to make a presentation.

Writing should be like a good butler, smoothly working to serve the reader without calling attention to itself.

This article gives tips for improving business writing skills, no matter the task, so that your message gets read, gets forwarded and gets results.


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  • The Introduction: Problem, Questions, Solution
  • The Body: Organizing Ideas
  • Classic Writing Tips


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How to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

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