How to Motivate Other People

No matter what your full-time job or role in life, most of us are part-time motivators. We not only have to motivate ourselves, but others as well. We need colleagues to complete tasks, partners to do their share, and children to become self-sufficient and responsible.

If it weren’t hard enough to motivate ourselves when tired or bored, it’s even harder to persuade others into action. Motivating others is even more challenging when tasks are difficult, unclear, or distant from any immediate reward.

In spite of all that’s known about motivation, we continue to misunderstand it and fail to make good use of its true nature. We make assumptions about what drives people, grossly over-estimating the value of external rewards and under-estimating the power of simple appreciation and recognition.

“Knowing what drives us and others is an essential step toward enhancing the inherent joy – and minimizing the confusion – in our lives.” ~ Dan Ariely, Payoff: The Hidden Motivation that Shapes Our Motivation.

This article explores how to motivate other people and suggests ways everyone, including managers, parents, partners and co-workers, can increase motivation all around.  

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • How to motivate other people
  • The search for meaning
  • Negative motivation
  • The power of acknowledgment
  • What we feel but can’t see


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