How to Voice Your Values

Ethical ValueIt can be extremely difficult to express your personal values at work, especially when confronted with questions of right vs. wrong. Issues become thornier when you’re facing a choice between degrees of right vs. right.

Most of us want to bring our whole selves to work: our skills, ambitions and deeply held beliefs. We will inevitably encounter values conflicts during our careers, particularly when our goals and ideals clash with clients’, peers’, bosses’ and organizational expectations.

Past attempts at preparing business leaders to act ethically often failed — not because they couldn’t distinguish right from wrong, but because they didn’t know how to act on their values amid opposing pressures.

Many people believe blowing the whistle won’t do any good. And how can they effectively object without assuming personal risk?

Some of us also struggle with framing objections in a rational way, without assuming the role of “morals police.” We simply lack practice in holding values-based discussions.

This article explores values-based conflict and offers techniques and questions to help you identify alternative solutions and voice your values.


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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Giving Voice to Values
  • Developing Effective Scripts
  • Preserving Rationality


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