Human Relationships at Work: The New Frontier

“Today we are faced with the pre-eminent fact that, if civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships.”
—Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1945

Leaders and managers can study, train and be coached. But if they fail to work on their interpersonal skills, they will not succeed when given more complex responsibilities. The ability to relate to and connect with others helps confer influence and leadership success.

Until recently, there has been little focus on what goes on within the relationship between two people in an organization. Almost all professional development programs focus on the individual: what you can do to improve yourself. Thousands of people explore leadership and management skills each year with an emphasis on improving their personal abilities. Very few have participated in programs to develop interpersonal skills.

Obviously, pursuing personal growth is worthwhile. Now, however, experts suggest that executives who develop their interpersonal skills will finely hone their ability to lead and influence.

The best managers in the world are not only experts in systems, processes and technical competencies. They are also proficient at managing their employees, personal strengths and preferences. Thus, they increase employee engagement and productivity. Unfortunately, most people’s experience with bosses falls short of these goals.


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The Boss Is Last
What Great Managers Do Differently
Show You Care: Soft Skills with Hard Results
Set the Example
Up Close and Personal at Work
Emotional Intelligence May Not Be Enough
What You Can Do to Strengthen Work Relationships
Eight Kinds of Friends

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