Information Overload: 45,276 Ways to Stop It

How many times have you screamed to yourself: “There is too much information online! Make it stop! Argh!”

According to a 2009 study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, Americans consume on average approximately 34 gigabytes of information a day. This translates to about 100,000 words of information in a single 24-hour period.

Our culture, work and media celebrate our unfettered access to music, video games, television, and websites. But overloading the human brain has negative consequences. Many people worry what this information gluttony is doing to their mental and physical health.

Rates of repetitive stress disorders, such as computer-related eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome (from excess computer use), are rising, along with rates of Attention Deficit Disorder. Lack of focus is a common complaint. Lack of time is another.

An Internet search for things like “info overload cure,” reveals thousands of articles about what to do. Many of these articles have good advice. But there again, it’s possible to get snowed under by an avalanche of information about information overload.

This article suggests eight actions steps you can take right now to simplify your life and clear your mind.


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The complete 1,000 word article includes the following concepts:

  • Be Satisfied with Less
  • Use the 80:20 rule
  • Use Parkinson’s Law
  • Use a Productivity System
  • Meditate
  • Cut Off the Flow
  • Outsource
  • Information Diet
  • Tips 9 through 45,276


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