John Kotter’s Urgent Message for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Inc. magazine writes about complacency & a sense of urgency in their current online edition. In this great article, Harvard Business School professor John Kotter, author of A Sense of Urgency and Leading Change, talks about how to lead during a recession

Here’s an excerpt:

John Kotter got an enviable — if unintentional — endorsement when then-candidate Barack Obama began inserting the phrase a sense of urgency into his comments about the economy. A Sense of Urgency (Harvard Business Press, 2008) is the title of Kotter’s latest book on fostering change in organizations — a subject the Harvard Business School professor has owned since publishing the seminal Leading Change, in 1996.

Kotter believes there are two kinds of urgency — and, like cholesterol, one is good and one is bad. The good kind is characterized by constant scrutiny of external promise and peril. It involves relentless focus on doing only those things that move the business forward in the marketplace and on doing them right now, if not sooner. The bad kind — to which many companies have recently succumbed — is panic driven and characterized by breathless activity that winds up producing nothing demonstrably new.

This is an article you should go read in it’s entirety because it’s full of wisdom for entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels. I love the references to our own political quagmire in Washington D.C.

If you wish to use an article about this topic of complacency and a false sense of urgency, I’ve written one you can purchase. Read more about it here: Complacency – It’s Everywhere.

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