Leadership Coaching for Behavioral Change

How do you get leaders to change? How do you optimize their talents and
potential? What are best practices of executive coaching programs that produce
lasting results in effective leadership behaviors that drive business results?

Executive coaching is a tremendous opportunity for leveraging leadership talent
and resources that can drive an organization to sustainable success and

Coaching is not just for people with problems anymore. Coaching is more
frequently applied to top performers whose leadership and growth potential are
highly valued by the organization. As organizations recognize they must enable
key people to achieve critical business objectives in as short a time as
possible, they are hiring coaches to speed up leadership development.

Hewitt Associates has done some interesting research that documents the
positive, long-term relationship between investment in leadership development
and long-term financial success (Hewitt Associates’ 2003 Top Companies for
Leaders study). Their research shows that companies that invest in developing
leaders tend to have greater long-term profits.

Forty-seven percent of companies rated for strong leadership regularly assign
coaches to their executives. They know that coaching provides a powerful way to
accelerate performance and strengthen leadership. The regular use of executive
coaches separates top companies from the others.

There is a great deal of debate in the field of coaching. The profession is
expanding rapidly, with coaches coming from differing backgrounds with varying
methodologies. Here are a few of the questions that arise:

– What are best practices?
– Who is the client – the person being coached or the organization paying the
– How should impact and return on investment be measured?
– What is the line between personal and business issues?
– How can confidentiality be preserved when stakeholders and team members are
part of the mix?

Here are the concepts considered in the full 2,000-word article:

Establishing Ground Rules
Measuring Sustainable Success
Getting Leaders to Change
Involving Key Stakeholders
Steps in the Behavioral Coaching Process
Why Leaders Give Up

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