Leadership Development NOT in a Recession…

By way of John Agno’s Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog, here are interesting facts on leadership development spending in companies:

“While it may be true that organizations are cutting funding for “training programs,” that is not the case when it comes to grooming emerging leaders. According to the 2008 Bersin & Associates Leadership Development Survey, a study of 400 organizations conducted last October by the Oakland, CA-based talent management research firm, 40% of those polled, said their spending on leadership development has remained the same, while about 36% of the organizations said their budgets were slated to increase this year.

“Leadership Training dollars overall may be decreasing while companies may be shifting their priorities to leadership. Bill Pelster, a principal at the Seattle office of Deloitte Consulting, says senior executives are concentrating on what their organizations will look like 12 to 18 months from now, so the cash for development is still flowing for key executives. “They know that this (recession) will end and, at some point, the need to expand or grab talent and market share is going to be there.”

What does this mean to you?

This is a good time to increase your marketing efforts through quality content. The economy is  in a downturn, so you need to be visible as a credible expert and stay top of mind. Use newsletters, blogs and white papers to harness the power of content marketing.

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