Leadership Power Stress: Creating Renewal

Effective executives often find themselves caught in a cycle of stress and sacrifice, without any possibility or time for recovery or renewal. Most of those who make it to the top have proven track records for influencing others, getting teams to work together and achieving results.

Such leaders are what organizational psychologists Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee call “resonant leaders”: They are in tune with others and have high degrees of emotional intelligence and motivation for power and achievement.

“Yet even the most resonant leaders—whose ability to deftly manage their own and others’ emotions to drive their companies to great results—end up spiraling into dissonance,” the authors write.

Leaders are especially prone to “power stress,” which can drive talented leaders into a cycle of dissonance with themselves, the people they lead and their organizations. To counter it, leaders must learn to manage themselves effectively.


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Sources of Stress
What Is Power Stress?
Sources of Leadership Power Stress
The Cycle of Sacrifice and Renewal
Renewal: A Holistic Process
The Leadership Paradox
Three Keys in the Renewal Process:
The Brain and New-Age Rhetoric

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