Leadership’s Link to Emotional Intelligence

 More than anyone else, the boss creates the conditions that directly determine people’s ability to work well.~ Daniel Goleman, Primal Leadership

Ever wonder why some of the most brilliant, well-educated people aren’t promoted, while those with fewer obvious skills climb the professional ladder?

Chalk it up to emotional intelligence (EI).

 (photo courtesy Salvatore Vuono)

When the concept first emerged in 1995, EI helped explain why people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs more than two-thirds of the time.

In the United States, experts had assumed that high IQ was key to high performance. Decades of research now point to EI as the critical factor that separates star performers from the rest of the pack.

People have been talking about EI (also called EQ) ever since psychologist Daniel Goleman published the New York Times bestseller Emotional Intelligence in 1995. Everyone agrees that emotional savvy is vital, but we’ve generally been unable to harness its power. Many of us lack a full understanding of our emotions, let alone others’. We fail to appreciate how feelings fundamentally influence our everyday lives and careers.

Research by the TalentSmart consulting firm indicates that only 36% of people tested can accurately identify their emotions as they happen. Two-thirds of people are typically controlled by their emotions but remain unskilled at using them beneficially.

This article summarizes the importance of tapping into emotional intelligence to fully engage everyone in the organization for greater creativity and performance.


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The complete 1600-word article includes these important concepts:

  • The Emotional Brain
  • Defining Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence, IQ and Personality
  • EI and Performance
  • EI and Income
  • EI and Leadership
  • EI in Chinese Managers vs US
  • CEOs Score Low EI
  • Ethical Failures
  • How to Develop EI


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