Make Your Online Content Marketing Profitable

Small-100x95content-profitsV2withmouseI know many successful consultants who don’t have much time to take care of their online marketing presence. I understand. Even if you’re publishing short blog posts, it takes time to read up, write, and hit the ‘publish now’ button.

Surfing to find information that’s relevant in your niche can lead to getting drowned in a tsunami.

Websites and blogs: You can’t live with ’em, or without ’em. No matter how well you’re doing in terms of keeping your pipeline of clients full, you’ve got to look good on the Web. By looking good, I mean, you’ve got to have a full body of content that reflects your intelligence and your professional credibility.

To make things more complicated, along comes Social Media, places like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. What do you need to know about using these sites, and what can you afford to ignore?

Then there’s video, YouTube, and other places to publish content on the Web (article directories, ebooks, podcasts…). Ay, caramba…

To help you sort through the essentials of using the Web to get clients, I’ve created an online learning program called Content Marketing for Online Profits. You can gain access by registering here. I suggest you read it, because it will cut short the learning curve and give you the essentials of what your online content marketing strategy should be, especially if you’re a coach or other service consultant working to provide services to organizations or individuals.

Here’s my video clip I put together in about 30 minutes using a Logitech Web cam and uploading it to YouTube. Okay, it’s a very amateur clip, but it gets the job done. I wanted to do a better job of polishing it up, but you know how that goes, ran out of time, etc…

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