Managing Yourself: Are You Ready for a Coach?

The world of work is changing, and fast. Having a successful career means continually learning and adapting to rapidly evolving environments.

You can’t do it alone. Coaching yourself is like the blind leading the blind: You can’t know what you don’t know.

Coaching occurs all the time within an organization as a management or leadership style. But what we are referring to here is coaching from an executive coach who is professionally trained and hired externally, and whose sole job is to provide development opportunities.

No universal certification guarantees quality or qualifications. Former outplacement specialists, therapists, psychologists, HR specialists and motivational speakers have transformed themselves into executive coaches. Some have undergone rigorous coach training programs, and some are talented and highly intuitive people without formal instruction.

While coaches were originally assigned to those experiencing difficulties or in danger of derailment, there is now wider acceptance of hiring coaches for even the most successful managers. Organizations recognize that people can grow and change. Having a coach assigned to you often signals career advancement. But not everyone is ready to do the work required when working on development issues with a coach.

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Here are the other concepts discussed in the full article:

Do You Love Your Work?
Who Needs a Coach?
Are You Ready for Coaching?
How to Pick Your Coach
Confidentiality Is Critical
How Does Coaching Take Place?
Assessments May Be Formal or Informal
Key Benefits of Coaching

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